• Cristiano Ronaldo was upset after seeing bottles of Coca-Cola on the table in front of him during a press conference Monday
  • Ronaldo removed the bottles and encouraged others to drink water instead
  • Some Twitter users praised Ronaldo, while others joked he will never get a Coca-Cola sponsorship

Cristiano Ronaldo is not a fan of sugary drinks, including Coca-Cola, and he made that clear during a recent press conference.

The soccer superstar sat down for a press conference Monday ahead of Portugal's UEFA Euro 2020 game with Hungary. After he took his seat, the 36-year-old Juventus player noticed the bottles of Coca-Cola, which is an official sponsor of the tournament and had the product on display, on the table in front of him and immediately moved them away, Entertainment Tonight reported.

Ronaldo held up a bottle of water and encouraged people to drink water instead, shouting "Agua!" He then rolled his eyes and said "Coca-Cola" with noticeable disdain.

The incident was caught on camera and shared on Twitter, where social media users applauded Ronaldo for promoting water over soda despite Coca-Cola being a sponsor of the event.

"I see nothing wrong, these sugary drinks are a poison," one commented, while another said, "this is the legend we are love vamos cris."

"Nice One @Cristiano ... hahaha. Coke," a third user tweeted.

"Total respect for him, stand for what u believe. This is one of the reasons that half the world is obese!! So ya drink water," another supporter wrote.

"He always preaches this. I would expect nothing less from the King," a fifth user added.

Others joked that he likely won't be getting sponsorships from Coca-Cola, while some quipped he was sponsored by Pepsi.

"Sponsored by Pepsi," one wrote with a laughing emoji.

"Man who makes tens of millions of pounds each year out of sponsorship, annoyed at …sponsorship," a second user commented, as another added, "no sponsorship deals there then lol."

"@Cristiano is right full fat @CocaCola is nasty! @PepsiMaxUK on the other hand, that's boss!" another user jokingly wrote.

"The irony that Cristiano Ronaldo moving the Coke bottles out of frame (for whatever reason) is still free marketing for Coke with millions of people engaging with the brand. Still a hilarious moment," a fifth user added.

Ronaldo previously revealed his frustration that his young son, Cristiano Ronaldo Jr., doesn't have the same obsession with fitness that he does.

"We’ll see if my son will become a great footballer. Sometimes he drinks coke, sodas and eats crisps and he knows it makes me angry," Ronaldo said at last year’s Global Soccer Awards ceremony.

He continued, "Sometimes I tell my son to take a dip in cold water to recover after a run on the treadmill and he says, ‘Dad, it’s so cold there.’ That’s fine, he is only 10 years old."

Cristiano Ronaldo's Juventus won Serie A last year
Cristiano Ronaldo's Juventus won Serie A last year AFP / Marco Bertorello