A child died after being attacked and dragged into the river by a crocodile in India.

A group of people took action after the attack by beating the crocodile with sticks and ultimately killing it. The locals had set up a fishing net in an attempt to catch the predator, according to India Times.

The incident took place at Khalsa Ghat in Raghopur Diyara Island, which is located in Bihar's Vaishali district. Dharmendra Das and his family were on the banks of the Ganga River for a religious ceremony, but when his 14-year-old son, Ankit, went to fetch water from the river for the ritual, he was unexpectedly attacked by the crocodile. The reptile then dragged him beneath the water's surface.

An hour later, as the family retrieved Ankit's remains from the Ganga, a gathering had formed on the river bank. Together, the family and the crowd successfully removed the crocodile from the water, capturing the incident on video.

In the footage, they could reportedly be seen relentlessly striking the reptile with sticks and rods, ceasing their assault only when the creature succumbed to its injuries. The video has since gained widespread attention, quickly spreading across various online platforms.

"We had bought a new motorcycle and had gone into the Ganga to bathe and get Gangajal for a puja. A crocodile caught hold of him and killed him in the water. We managed to get Ankit's remains out after an hour and then the crocodile was also pulled out and killed," Ankit's grandfather, Sakaldip Das, told NDTV.

A puja refers to ceremonial worship that can range from short daily rituals done at home to elaborate ones performed at temples.

The local authorities have strongly condemned the incident, emphasizing the importance of avoiding vigilante actions and instead encouraging individuals to promptly report any wildlife-related incidents to the relevant authorities. By doing so, swift and appropriate measures can be taken to address such situations effectively.

Forest department officials are investigating the incident.

"We've received information that a crocodile has been killed. The reason is not yet known. Forest officials have reached the spot, and an investigation is being done. Action will be taken against the violators for violating the Wildlife Protection Act," District Forest Officer Vaishali Amita Raj said, as per India Times.

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