The remains of an Australian man, who went missing while fishing with his friends last weekend, were found inside two crocodiles killed by wildlife officers.

Kevin Darmody, 65, from the Australian town of Laura, was with his friends fishing by the Kennedy River in Rinyirru (Lakefield) National Park when he disappeared Saturday.

It is believed Darmody went to the water's edge to bring ashore a fishing lure before he went missing, reported the New York Post. Friends who were with Darmody did not notice what happened to him but reportedly heard him yell and the sound of a loud splash followed.

"One of the blokes that was with him just come running out waving his arms ... saying, 'He's gone, he's gone,'" said Bart Harrison, who was not with the group but heard about the incident from a friend. "Nobody actually saw it happen — everyone was just fishing, doing their own thing, spread out along the bank."

Darmody's disappearance was followed by a two-day search. Wildlife officers spotted two large crocodiles less than a mile from where the man was last seen. They measured 13.4-foot (4.1 meters) and 9.1ft (2.8m) in length.

Officers shot the crocodiles and their bodies were cut open and examined at the scene. They found human remains inside them, Sky News reported.

Michael Joyce, a wildlife operations manager with Australia's Department of Environment and Science, said the reptiles were killed "together ... within 10 seconds of one another," ABC News reported.

Although it is unusual to find two crocodiles consuming the remains of a single victim, it is not unheard of, Joyce added.

"We didn't believe it was common but this is the second time this has occurred, the last one was during the Hinchinbrook fatality, and it is certainly something we're learning," he explained. "It's obviously something that does occur in crocodile populations as far as behavior is concerned."

The recovered human remains will undergo a formal identification process.

The discovery marks a "tragic, tragic ending" for the man's family and friends, Police Inspector Mark Henderson said, adding the fishing groups present at the spot comprised of locals who knew the area "very well."

"Again, sadly, yet another reminder not to [get complacent] and to heed the signs that are put there for a reason," the inspector said.

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