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  • A farmer, 37, in India fatally hacked his own teen daughter with an ax Tuesday
  • The victim, 15, spoke to young men in her village against her father's wishes
  • A murder case has been registered against the farmer following the incident

A 37-year-old man in India's Telangana state fatally hacked his own teenage daughter as he scolded her over boys, according to authorities.

The man, a farmer in the municipality of Pebbair, reprimanded his 15-year-old daughter at around 10 a.m. Tuesday because the teen talked to young men from their village despite being advised not to do so, the Times of India reported, citing police.

During the encounter, the man allegedly lost his cool and ended up using an ax to hack his child to death.

The victim, a 10th-grade student, died on the spot with severe bleeding injuries, Wanaparthy police superintendent K Apoorva Rao said.

Police arrived at the scene and arrested the teen's father after being informed by villagers of what had happened.

A preliminary probe concluded that the death was not a case of honor killing and that the man acted in a fit of rage as his daughter did not listen to his advice, according to Rao.

A murder case has since been registered against the father under Section 302 of the Indian Penal Code.

Meanwhile, the body of the man's daughter has been sent for postmortem.

In a similar incident that happened earlier this month, a man in the Indian state of Karnataka orchestrated the murders of his daughter and the minor's boyfriend after he learned of their relationship.

Parasappa Karadi plotted the deaths of his 17-year-old daughter and her boyfriend, Vishwanath Nelagi, 22.

The girl's family in Bevinmatti village had confirmed that the two were in a relationship after she returned home on Oct. 1, but the couple's respective families were against their plan to get married when Karadi's daughter turns 18 in a few months.

Despite this, Karadi allegedly told his daughter that he wanted to meet her and Nelagi so they could discuss the wedding.

He sent five of his relatives to pick up the couple from the town of Nargund and take them to Bagalkot.

As the teen and her boyfriend were separated on their way to the city, the former was strangled to death with her dupatta, or shawl, while Nelagi was punched repeatedly and had his testicles crushed.

The two were then stripped of their clothes and thrown from a bridge into the Krishna River.

One of Karadi's relatives ended up confessing to the killings during questioning, and police arrested Karadi as well as three of his relatives.

Police car and police line
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