Dell plans first U.S. smartphone with AT&T

Dell plans to launch a smartphone with Google's Android mobile software on carrier AT&T's network as soon as early 2010, the Wall Street Journal reported on Wednesday. Read Full Article here.

Chamber of Commerce CEO fights back at Apple

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce isn't taking Apple's resignation quietly after Apple announced on Monday it was quitting the organization because it disagrees with the chamber's policy on climate change. Read Full Article here.

Murdoch in Asia, checking out e-reader partners?

News Corp chief Rupert Murdoch has held talks with Japanese and South Korean firms, possibly sounding out potential partners to rival Inc's Kindle electronic reader, sources said on Wednesday. Read Full Article here.

Online ads: Big Brother or customer service?

U.S. marketers and consumer advocates are preparing for battle over the rules governing online advertising tailored to individual browsing habits, often tracked and collected without notice or permission. Read Full Article here.