Dave Bing, the mayor of the city of Detroit, has outlined a financial plan that's turning some heads.

In a speech Wednesday, Bing said that by June the city will be short $45 million, according to the Detroit Free Press.

Simply put, our city is in a financial crisis, and city government is broken. That's not new. That's not an opinion. That is a fact, Bing said, according to the Free Press.

Bing said he didn't want an emergency manager, the Free Press reported, and that other actions had to be taken to solve the problems. These solutions include cutting pay for police officers and fire department personnel by 10 percent, reforming retiree pension and an increase to the corporate tax of less than 1 percent.

Bing, a former Detroit Piston's point guard, said the cuts to public employees were in line with what had happened across the city.

This is not an attack on labor or our dedicated employees, he said, according to Politico. The private sector, including the auto industry was forced to accept tough cuts to survive.

Michigan Governor Rick Snyder was somewhat supportive of Bing's plans.

Mayor Bing and I have worked closely over this past year, and I remain supportive of the city's efforts to resolve its financial problems., Snyder said in a statement to the Free Press. As I have said previously on this issue, I want to avoid an emergency manager if at all possible. Based on the mayor's remarks tonight and the severity of the situation he described, we anticipate he will be submitting a request for a preliminary financial review in the near future.