Obama On 'The Daily Show'
President Obama appeared on "The Daily Show with John Stewart." Reuters

- President Barack Obama is once again traveling to Virginia, where he will speak at George Mason University, before traveling to Camp David for the night.

- The president is experiencing a fresh wave attacks from Republicans following his Thursday night appearance on "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart," where Obama said the recent deaths of four Americans in Libya is “not optimal.” However, the comment was given in response to a question in which Stewart himself asked the president if he agreed the White House’s communication following the event had not been “optimal.”

- Vice President Joe Biden is also spending his Friday in a battleground state, stopping off in Sun City, Fla., before attending a campaign event at Lincoln Park High School in Fort Pierce.

- Two conservative-leaning dark money groups are shelling out more than $30 million to attack what they say is Obama's “war on coal.” The Koch-founded Americans for Prosperity, in particular, have been airing ads attacking Obama's energy policy in Ohio, a major coal-producing (and battleground) state.