A survivor who was riding in the very front of the commuter train that collided into a train that was still in Washington D.C. on Monday said the train's driver had told passengers there was a train ahead.

Right before, the train stopped for a moment and over the PA system the driver said, we are going to stop for a bit because there is a train infront, survivor Jamie Jiao told the Today Show. And then we started moving again and everything is ordinary until you see the train infront that hasn't moved yet.

At the crash Jiao woke up to see he was on the roof of the train infront of his, whitout his shoes. So far nine people were reported dead on Tuesday

On Monday, a Red Line commuter crashed into a train that was idle between Ft. Totten and Takoma stations at about 5:00 p.m. EST. The train operator was among the fatalities and 70 resulted injured.

As of Tuesday, National Transportation and Safetly Board investigators continued to determine the cause of the accident.

Officials identified five of the passengers who were killed at the crash today as Jeanice McMillan,42 (operator); and passengers: Mary Doolittle, 59; Ana Fernandez, 40; Dennis Hawkins, 64 and Lavonda King, 23, the Associated Press reported.