Houston Texans wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins may have just became the latest athlete to commit a social media snafu, but the rookie's "girlfriend" claims that his account was hacked.

Hopkins, a 21-year-old rookie out of Clemson University, appears to have accidentally posted a video of a penis to his Instagram account, Deadspin reports. The NSFW video was shot from a first-person perspective, so it’s unclear if Hopkins appeared in the sexually explicit clip.

The penis video was quickly deleted from Hopkins’ Instagram account. A person claiming to be Hopkins’ girlfriend addressed the situation in a Twitter post.

“Instagram was hacked, this is his girlfriend he’s in meetings with no phone, have some respect [people],” the tweet read. Still, it seems unlikely that someone would hack Hopkins’ account for a few minutes and post a video of a penis, only to delete that video and relinquish control of the account minutes later.

IBTimes can’t publish a screenshot of Hopkins’ video, but a NSFW photo can be viewed over at Deadspin. In addition, the user comments on the now-deleted penis video are preserved here.

This isn’t the first time that Hopkins has made headlines for dubious reasons. The Texas wide receiver allegedly trashed a hotel room during his stay at the 2013 NFL scouting combine. Officials found “urine and feces scattered about the bathroom, toothpaste on the mirror and garbage strewn about the room,” Yahoo Sports’ Jason Cole reported. Hopkins later denied the story, telling Fox Sports to “check the hotel camera.”

Hopkins isn’t even the only NFL player to become embroiled in a sex scandal this week. On Tuesday, TMZ reported that an “orgy” sex tape featuring Indianapolis Colts running back Trent Richardson was being shopped around the Internet.