A sex tape that allegedly features Indianapolos Colts running back Trent Richardson is reportedly being shopped around the internet.

Details on the video itself are scant, but it reportedly depicts Richardson involved in an “orgy” with at least three unidentified women, TMZ reports. The sex tape is being shopped online to the highest bidder, and it has already been offered to several media outlets.

TMZ Sports claims to have seen Richardson’s orgy sex tape, but it declined to provide much detail about its content, or on the identities of the three participating women. However, the website did engage in a bit of sexual innuendo, noting that Richardson has “a lot in common with the Colts mascot, if you catch our drift.” Neither Richardson nor his representatives have commented on the origins or veracity of the rumored sex tape.

The Richardson sex tape surfaced at a particularly rocky time in the 22-year-old’s NFL career. A first-round pick in the 2012 NFL Draft, Richardson got off to a slow start this season and was traded by the Cleveland Browns to the Colts.

Richardson’s fortunes haven’t improved much in Indianapolis. Since joining the Colts, he’s recorded 88 rushing attempts for 250 yards, averaging a dismal 2.8 yards per carry. He’s only scored two touchdowns this season.

Still, Richardson is hardly the first athlete to deal with the release of a sex tape. Welterweight boxer Adrien Broner was recently involved in a similar situation; the 24-year-old was allegedly filmed in the midst of a sexual encounter with two strippers.

Richardson had three children, the first of which was born when he was a sophomore in high school, Larry Brown Sports notes. His youngest child was born in 2012.