Nancy Pelosi
House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) speaks during a press conference after the House Democrats voted for their leadership on Capitol Hill in Washington November 18, 2014. Democrats in the House of Representatives on Tuesday re-elected Nancy Pelosi of California as the leader of their caucus despite a major election defeat two weeks ago that strengthened Republicans' majority in the chamber. REUTERS/Joshua Roberts

House Democrats re-elected Rep. Nancy Pelosi Tuesday to serve as minority leader for another two-year term, Politico reports. Pelosi has served as the party leader since 2003. Pelosi’s appointment has yet to be officially announced, but a Democratic source confirmed her bid’s success to the Associated Press. She ran unopposed and was re-elected by a voice vote.

The 74-year-old California representative has served in the House since 1987. She served as House Minority Leader from 2002 to 2007 and became Speaker of the House when the Democrats seized control of Congress. She returned to her role as minority leader when the Democrats lost control of the House in 2010.

Pelosi was re-elected despite apparent discontent regarding her leadership within the Democratic Party. Some Democrats accused party leadership of ineffectual methods ahead of the 2014 elections, which granted the Republicans full control over Congress.

“[The GOP] wiped the floor with us, so no, we’re not feeling good,” chairwoman of the Congressional Black Congress Marcia Fudge of Ohio told Politico. “We think clearly there was a lack of a coherent and compelling message. We believe that certainly our leadership worked hard, but there obviously was something lacking because we lost so many seats. I want to see members who have a better handle on the caucus brought in, whether they be young or old. I want people have have a good pulse of what is going on in our caucus … people who are more inclusive.”

Others supported Pelosi’s continued leadership. “We got hammered in the election,” Rep. Peter Welch (D-Vermont) said Monday, according to the AP. “Was it Pelosi? Most of us say the answer is no.”

Other Democratic leaders in the House, including Minority Whip Steny Hoyer (D-Maryland) and Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee Chairman Steve Israel (D-New York), were also expected to be re-elected to their posts. Each of them ran unopposed.