• Void 3.0 will rework all of the Void sub-classes in "Destiny 2"
  • Void abilities revolve around inflicting special buffs and debuffs to allies and enemies
  • All Guardians will have access to all Void grenade types once the update goes live

Bungie released their regular TWAB a little bit early this week. This time, they shared a closer look at all of the upcoming changes and additions to the Void sub-classes that will be arriving with “The Witch Queen.”

In the blog post, Bungie took the time to emphasize the identity of the Void sub-class itself: a power fantasy related to the stars and cosmic forces. In-game, this translates to black hole-like abilities that pull enemies while causing a variety of debuffs and effects that the devs call “Verbs.”

Here are the Verbs related to the Void sub-classes:

  • Weaken – Slows, disorients and increases the damage taken by all affected targets
  • Suppress – Disorients combatants, pulls them out of active abilities and prevents ability casting
  • Volatile – Primes targets for a Void detonation upon death or upon reaching a damage threshold
  • Invisibility – Players vanish from sight and the radar
  • Overshield – Gain an extra HP barrier that reduces the damage taken in PvE
  • Devour – Restores HP and grenade energy; kills while Devour is active fully heals players, restores more grenade energy and extends the Devour effect duration

All classes will have some way to access all of the effects via Aspects and Fragments, which grant additional effects to abilities. Also, players will have access to all Void grenade types regardless of character class.

Customizability is the end goal of Void 3.0. Bungie’s goal is to provide players with more ways to personalize their Guardians’ loadouts to match specific playstyles and strategies that fit the fantasy tied to their character classes.

The updated Voidwalker subclass for Warlocks in Destiny 2
The updated Voidwalker subclass for Warlocks in Destiny 2 Bungie

Titans, the frontline defenders of every fireteam, will have access to Overshields and powerful AoE effects to help clear weak enemy units. Meanwhile, Hunters will be able to grant Invisibility to their teammates for some breathing room and a few precious seconds to evaluate a situation. Lastly, Warlocks will receive new offensive abilities in the form of a sentient black hole and a miniature Nova Bomb ability that launches targets away from the detonation zone.

Much like in the Stasis sub-class, Void abilities can be augmented with Aspects and Fragments for a deeper level of buildcrafting. Aspects will grant powerful effects like the Titan’s Controlled Demolition or the Hunter’s Stylish Execution to define their playstyles, while Fragments serve as passive buffs that can help maintain the consistency and effectiveness of the playstyles that players choose.

All “Destiny 2” players will have access to the reworked Void classes once the update goes live along with the arrival of “The Witch Queen” later this month.