• Eruption is a modified version of Clash that takes notes from Mayhem
  • Rift will return as a rotating mode for Crucible
  • Another game mode for Season 19 was teased

A new game mode will be succeeding Rift in the upcoming 18th season of “Destiny 2,” and it’s set to bring about a more chaotic yet slightly terrifying vibe.

In line with Bungie’s dedication to spicing up the Iron Banner, it will introduce Eruption next month. The developer described the game mode as “Streak Mayhem” in the latest “This Week At Bungie” update, and it's not hard to see why.

Eruption will be a heavily modified version of Clash. Instead of capturing zones or dunking Sparks, the only goal here is to defeat the enemy and reach the score limit before they do. The twist, however, is that every kill a player gets will make them overflow with Light, causing their next kills to score more points while also increasing their ability regeneration.

The new Throne World armor set introduced in Destiny 2 The Witch Queen
The new Throne World armor set introduced in Destiny 2 The Witch Queen Bungie

This is where the Mayhem part of the equation comes in. According to the developers, scoring two eliminations in a row (this includes assists) will cause a player to become “Surging,” which comes with the following:

  • A light glow effect
  • Kills grant 10% Super energy and 20% melee, grenade and class energy
  • Subsequent kills will be worth three points each

Once the player’s streak reaches five and beyond, they become “Primed.” More Super energy will be rewarded in exchange for less ability energy per kill, the glow effect becomes much stronger and the entire team goes on the Hunt, which will grant even more ability and Super energy for everyone in the team.

The downside is that if a Primed player fails to score another kill within 15 seconds, they will Erupt, killing them instantly. Dying by Eruption will end their streak and the Hunt. Scoring a kill will refresh the Eruption timer back to 15. Primed players will also be visible to the enemy team, giving a stark disadvantage when it comes to engagements.

The developer also teased another new game mode that’s scheduled for Season 19 but did not elaborate any further. In the meantime, players can expect to play Eruption in the second and eighth weeks of Season 18, which begins later this month.