• Bring mods or weapons to fight against Overload and Unstoppable champions
  • AoE weapons like Trinity Ghoul or Ager's Scepter are recommended
  • Top-tree Sentinel with Ward of Dawn is great for fighting the final boss

This week’s rotation in “Destiny 2” sees the return of the beloved Lake of Shadows strike on the Nightfall playlist, along with the coveted Palindrome hand cannon and the Swarm machinegun as the mission’s unique legendary weapon drops.

Unlike many of the other strike missions in “Destiny 2,” Lake of Shadows is very short and relatively easy. Players who are casually farming strikes for bounties often go to the Lake of Shadows as it requires less effort to complete. The same can be said for its Nightfall variant, although the higher difficulties will still give players more trouble as per usual.

Here’s a quick guide and a few tips on how to complete the Nightfall variant of the Lake of Shadows strike in “Destiny 2.”

Destiny 2 Forsaken added the Scorn, a new enemy faction found mainly in the Tangled Shore and Dreaming City
Destiny 2 Forsaken added the Scorn, a new enemy faction found mainly in the Tangled Shore and Dreaming City Bungie

Recommended Loadouts

This strike will exclusively feature Taken enemies. Expect to face off against swarms of Taken Thralls, Hobgoblin snipers and those pesky Taken Phalanxes that can instantly kill players should they get slammed into a wall or off the map.

Having at least one fireteam member with a wave-clear weapon like Trinity Ghoul or Ager’s Scepter is recommended for this strike as they can help get rid of the weaker enemies that tend to stick together. Ticuu’s Divination is also great for taking out tougher targets like Knights and Phalanxes.

Legendary weapons with Dragonfly are excellent for clearing mobs, especially since there are plenty of weak targets in this mission. This also frees up an exotic slot for the Lament, which is a great option for quickly burning down the boss at the end of the level.

Team Composition

A Revenant with Thermoclastic Bloom and Duskfield Grenades can be very helpful in the Lake of Shadows. Every Shuriken kill will guarantee one Orb of Power for the rest of the party to use, while the Duskfield Grenade can slow and freeze incoming swarms or immobile champions.

A top-tree Sentinel works very well against the final boss as the Ward of Dawn can prevent enemies from overwhelming the team without sacrificing DPS. Use swords and other close-range weapons whenever a Titan places their bubble to quickly kill the boss before they can do any significant damage.