'Destiny' is currently cheaper in the U.K. on the PS3 and PS4. Courtesy/Bungie

“Destiny” will cost 20 pounds less in the U.K. until noon on Thursday if players purchase digital copies of the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 versions. The sweet deal is part of PlayStation Europe’s “12 Deals of Christmas” promotion, a series of monthlong specials that discounts games for 48 hours at a time. The deal is also taking place in Australia.

If you purchase “Destiny” for the PlayStation 4, it will cost 35 pounds in the U.K., 45 euros in Europe, and $60 in Australia. The PlayStation 3 version will cost 30 pounds in the U.K., 45 euros in Europe and $55 in Australia.

The special price cut coincides with the Tuesday release of the game's first downloadable content, “The Dark Below.” The DLC is causing an uproar among “Destiny” players, due to the initial errors it caused days before its release, when it locked a number of players out of “Destiny” until its launch.

Still, “Destiny” currently has more than 9.5 million players, and a sequel has been confirmed by publisher Activision with developer Bungie. “Destiny” also set a record for most initial sales within the first 24 hours of a franchise debut, selling $500 million worth of the game to retailers within two days.