It’s called the iPad Air and it’s the fifth-generation tablet released by Apple -- and the cost to get your hands on the latest tablet starts at $500. The big marketing push of the new tablet is that it’s the lightest, thinnest, full-size tablet available on the market.

Curiosity got to Tech Editor and Apple enthusiast Dave Smith as he waited in line for the new tablet for hours. After spending $750 on the tablet with additional features, Dave couldn’t help but be disappointed in the new product.

While it may be as thin as a pencil, it does not feel that much lighter, according to Dave. In addition it’s not that much faster, which begs the question, why should you go out and buy one?

Dave sat down with IBTimesTV to explain why he would give Apple’s latest product a ‘B’ grade. While the product is improved, it’s important to note that it’s lighter, not light. The improvements to speed are minimal and you may not even notice the difference.

We asked Dave what he would have done differently and what Apple could have done to make the product worth the hefty price tag that starts at $500. Did Apple drop the ball with their latest product, or is the fifth-generation iPad Air their most innovative and desirable tablet to date?