• Dion Waiters reveals conversations with his 6-year-old son about past incidents he was involved with in the NBA
  • Lakers acquired Waiters during free agency after he was waived by Memphis
  • Waiters has yet to play for the Lakers after the season was halted due to coronavirus

Los Angeles Lakers’ guard Dion Waiters finally spoke about the horrible situation he was in during his last season with the Cleveland Cavaliers. The 28-year-old Waiters said that he is taking full responsibility for his previous actions.

According to an article published on The Players Tribune, Waiters revealed that his son, Dion Jr., is seeing news on the internet about him when searching for his name.

The eight-year NBA veteran said he can never lie to his son and had to be creative for the kid to understand the situation by using Spiderman as a reference.

“In the beginning, it’s all good, right? Spiderman is doing his thing. He’s discovering his superpowers. He’s chillin’. But in the middle, what happens? The hero always messes up. He gets knocked in the dirt,” Waiters said while describing his past mistakes as the sad part of the story.

“Well, that’s where your dad’s been at. He made a mistake. He lost his superpowers for a minute. But it’s gonna be alright. We’re gonna make it through.”

In November 2019, ESPN reported that the former Heat guard had a panic attack while on the plane bound for Los Angeles. He reportedly consumed a THC-infused edible which is prohibited by the NBA.

Waiters denied the reports that he suffered seizures when he had the "edible" overdose. To prove his point, the former Syracuse star said that his Miami teammates and the doctors can back up his claim.

“For that BS. to come out, it ain’t right. I made a mistake, but for someone to leak that, and for my family to hear it? S---. It ain’t right.”

As a result, he was slapped with a 10-game suspension by the team for taking the gummies. Prior to that, he was also suspended by Miami during opening night for “conduct detrimental to the team”.

In February 2020, the Heat decided to part ways with Waiters and sent him to Memphis along with Justise Winslow via a three-team trade with Minnesota Timberwolves. The Grizzlies, however, waived him three days after.

The Lakers had him and JR Smith for a workout and after an impressive showing, Los Angeles addressed their need for a scoring guard off-the-bench by signing Waiters for an undisclosed term.

Dion Waiters Cleveland Cavaliers
Dion Waiters could be traded by Feb. 20. Reuters