A semblance of peace has come to the digital media kingdom. Disney has struck a deal with Apple and Google that will see the two companies playing nicely together as consumers buy digital editions of Disney movies from their respective platforms.

It used to be that a Disney movie purchased from Google Play was restricted to playback on Android devices. A Disney movie purchased from Apple's iTunes Store was restricted to hardware running an Apple operating system, be it OS X on the desktop or iOS for mobile.

Now an agreement has been reached that will see the two media giants offering some cross-platform compatibility, at least when it comes to the sales and handling of Disney movies. All it requires is that you register with the Disney Movies Anywhere app. Your purchased Disney movies will be treated as platform-agnostic. Buy "Pocohontas" from Google Play and watch it on your iPad without issue. Buy "Frozen" from iTunes and watch it on your Samsung Galaxy Note. The companies earn their money from the sale regardless, and the consumer wins by having a choice in how to consume his or her media.

“This is about getting people comfortable with building their digital movies collection. Disney is going to protect them and make sure they can watch their movies wherever they want to,"Jamie Voris, CTO of Walt Disney Studios, told the Wall Street Journal.