Disney World (DIS) is ensuring that even its maskless guests follow its face-covering policy by using a little bit of digital magic in its photos.

The theme park has a strict policy when it comes to requiring attendees to wear face masks. Its face-covering mandate says that all park guests ages 2 and up must wear a mask except when they are dining or swimming. But some guests have tried to remove their face masks to get a better picture during photo opportunities.

Now, Disney has found a solution to make sure guests understand that its face mask policy applies to everyone. The theme park is adding digital face masks on those people who remove them on rides to get a better photo, WDW News Today reported.

Prior to the digital mask photo enhancement, Disney prevented maskless guests from purchasing photos that showed them without a face mask, which was a direct violation of its mask requirement, WDW News Today said. But the policy penalized other riders who followed the rule and prevented them from buying a photo when they wore a face mask on the ride.



By adding the digital face masks to the photos now a delay for “additional processing” occurs before it appears in the Disney World app, WDW News Today said,

But not everyone on social media agreed with the idea. One Twitter user said, “This ruins the picture for all.”



Another thought it was “a waste of time and programming.”



Yet another said, “This makes no sense.”



But plenty on Twitter agreed with Disney for making the decision to mask up the maskless riders. One user on the social media platform said, “I see the idea but this is a health issue as well.”



Another said, it’s “kind of a good idea.”



Yet another said, “They don't deserve to be in the photo. In fact, anyone who rides without a mask should be thrown out of the parks and banned from disney for a decade.”



Disney World reopened on a first-come, first serve basis, requiring reservations to secure a spot at its parks. Visitors, however, will be able to go to another Disney park after 2 p.m. without an initial reservation using the park-hopper pass.

Shares of Disney were trading at $166.76 as of premarket open, up $12.14 or 7.85%.

Walt Disney World Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom in Lake Buena Vista, Florida, on Oct. 1, 2016. Photo: Getty Images