A Snapchat video surfaced Tuesday of two men's final moments before a head-on car crash. 

The 10-second clip included two young men driving on the main highway between al-Rayn and al-Bishah cities in Saudi Arabia. Singing along to music in the background, it is clear that neither driver and passenger paid attention to the road. The remainder of footage released by a local news channel, Al Arabiya, showed the aftermath of two burnt and flattened cars on the desert road. 

It has been reported that the passenger died on the scene, while the driver was rushed to the hospital but later died of his injuries. Friends close to the driver said he was on his way to a new job at a secondary school. 

This is not the first car accident resulted by misuse of the app. In 2015, Christal McGee was driving over 100 mph when she crashed into Maynard Wentworth, which resulted in traumatic brain injuries. Wentworth and his wife went on to sue McGee and Snapchat for negligence. 

Snapchat was put under scrutiny after McGee's case because of the possible involvement of the mph filter featured within the app. Some believe this filter promotes reckless driving, and a petition was started in 2016 to have the filter removed. However, though the possible connections, a spokesperson for Snapchat told CNN that the company has always included a "do not snap and drive" message.