A video that surfaced online Monday, showed a group of workers hitting rats to death with wooden sticks as the rodents tried to flee.

In the disturbing footage on Twitter, the workers can be seen kicking the rats and battering them with blunt instruments. Though the exact location and date of the incident is unknown, it is believed to have taken place in England.

The footage begins with a digger picking up a chunk of debris. A rat suddenly bolts from underneath. A worker can be heard saying, “There’s one! Get him!”

The other workers immediately start battering the rats to death with wooden sticks and one of them even kicks a rodent into the air. More rats continue to run and the men, who are laughing, too continue to club them. The cameraman too laughs and giggles on the horrific sight.

At one point, most of the workers gather around one rat and proceed to hit it with sticks until it dies. The giggling workers even chase the rats out of the warehouse to kill them.

Some people suggested the incident took place at Recycling Lives, a Preston, England-based recycling charity. The organization, however, confirmed the incident did not take place at their site after throughout investigation.

"We are aware of footage being shared on social media alleging to show an incident at one of our sites. However, this was categorically not taken at a Recycling Lives site. We take any allegations such as this very seriously,” a spokesperson of the organization said, Lancashire Post reported.

Two rats eat a slice of tomato at the square of the Saint Jacques tower close to the rue de Rivoli, Paris, Dec. 15, 2016. PHILIPPE LOPEZ/AFP/Getty Images

In a similar instance of animal cruelty, a dog died after two men tied it to their scooter and dragged it for miles in Indian city of Ghaziabad.

“After seeing two scooter-borne men dragging a dog with their scooter, some residents rushed to catch them. One of the two men on scooter fled but one was caught,” said social activist Ruchin Mehra said, Daily Pioneer reported.

Saurabh Gupta, a member of the non-profit People for Animals, filed a complaint against the men. “Had they not been caught by the public, the dog would have been dragged for several more kilometres. The dog was breathing heavily when people stopped them. PFA also informed that the dog had given birth to five pups barely 20 days back,” he said.

“Though the dog was immediately rushed to Sanjay Gandhi Animal are Centre in Delhi, it succumbed to injuries. The medical report has revealed that the dog had injury marks all over its body. The autopsy is yet to be done. I suspect the dog could have been subjected to unnatural sex also,” he added.

Ran Singh, inspector of Sahibabad police station said, “During interrogation, the accused said the dog had bitten several people in the locality, therefore they decided to throw her out of the locality. Then, the two men decided to teach the dog a lesson and tied it with the scooter and dragged her.”