A video that has gone viral on Facebook shows a Brazilian woman recording her last moments where she can be seen arguing with her neighbor before she was allegedly shot to death by the man living next door. 

The 22-year-old woman, Willyene Mathais, started recording the video to capture the encounter with her neighbor in Santana de Cataguases in south-east Brazil. In the video, the woman refers to the man as Juliano. As the argument got heated up, the man lifted his t-shirt and pulled a gun from his trouser waistband. Within seconds, he fired two shots at the woman before the video ends. 

While the motive for the shooting remains unclear, local paper Midia Mineira reported the two were apparently arguing as the victim was accused by her neighbor of gossiping about him. The report also said Willyene decided to film the incident to prove to her husband she was being wrongly accused and insulted by the man.

The video starts with the suspect expressing his anger and frustration about people talking about his business. Willyene can be seen standing on a terraced area at the top of a flight of stairs outside her house. She calls to the man and challenges him by asking: “What do you mean Juliano?”

The man responds: “Yes you’re the one that’s spreading lies about me.” The suspect then goes back down the stairs, while still arguing, cursing the woman and telling her to go to hell.

Willyene responds saying, "Yes, but you will go first and you don't have the right to swear at me." The accused then warned the women to "better be careful."

The argument between the two did not even last for two minutes before the 40-year-old gunman allegedly lost his temper and shot the woman.

Just before the accused fired shots at the woman, Willyene can be heard reacting saying: “No Juliano, I’m not playing this game.” The victim knew that the argument went out of control when the neighbor pulled out the gun and she was disturbed, reports said.  The mother of three screamed in terror as the suspect fired shots at her and the phone, with which she was recording the argument fell to the ground. 

The victim was rushed to Cataguases Hospital but she succumbed to her gunshot injuries. 

According to reports, the suspect fled the crime scene after shooting the woman, but before leaving the scene, he said: “Now you’re going to hell, you demon.” The cell phone recording ends with an unknown woman coming to Willyene's aid and screaming for help.

The incident reportedly took place Sept. 23, but details of the incident emerged Tuesday. Brazilian Police later arrested the suspect and his gun was seized.

Recently, there have been several instances where shooting incidents have been recorded on camera. But in this case, Willyene's plan to prove her innocence to her husband backfired and the video of the argument later became the final moments of the victim.