• The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in a huge growth in the number of business startups in 2020-2021
  • The number of startup applications in the US grew by 23% in 2020
  • Onfolio helps businesses achieve consistent growth online, eliminating one of the key difficulties for these new startups - and allowing retail investors to share in the profits

With the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic resulting in swathes of people working from home, many are looking for new avenues to extend this lifestyle change. One way in which this dream is being pursued is becoming an entrepreneur, launching an online business.

However, as a large number of new business owners discovered, there are a great many problems associated with this line of work. While issues surrounding sensible business ideas, a lack of finances and poor business planning are certainly very rife and serious, arguably the biggest one contributing to the short lifespan of new startups is an inability to grow. Thankfully, there are companies that help businesses achieve exactly this, but care must be taken to select a reputable one with true expertise. The same goes for investing in an online business.

Problems With Growing An Online Business

Of course, in order to run a business online, its owner must possess more than a basic knowledge of the Internet. Required skills could include the ability to create and get a website for business purposes up and running, as well as knowledge about how to market one’s business most effectively online. If you don't possess these skills, you will likely need to employ the services of an Internet marketing company to help you get started.

Whilst it is true that the internet makes the world a closer space, and that in the context of business this can mean opening up markets all over the world, new entrants can find it tricky to cultivate ongoing business relationships. For example, it’s unlikely that business owners located in the US will have the resources to meet face-to-face with clients from the other side of the world, such as Japan or Australia. Whilst video conferencing technology helps mitigate this, the personal touch of an in-person meeting is still decidedly absent.

How Onfolio Can Help

The company’s founder, Dominic Wells, started out as an expat English teacher in Taiwan. Whilst abroad, he took the time to learn how to grow a business online and pursued this as a career instead. Nine years later he has transformed his startup into a soon-to-be public holding company in an extremely short period of time.

Dominic, and his team of experts, specialise in helping online businesses from a myriad of industries attain sustainable growth, and are able to do so because of the expertise they have gained first hand. Dominic Wells’s brainchild initially began working with individual investors in 2019, but since its subsequent pivot into a holding company it has been able to generate over $2 million dollars in the past year alone.

Dominic Wells
Dominic Wells Dominic Wells

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Why Expertise Matters

Onfolio acquires and manages a portfolio of online businesses across a broad range of verticals, each with a niche content focus. Their tenure in the industry has made vetting online businesses second nature to them; they are able to consistently identify and buy businesses to increase their value and ensure the company continues to grow and generate revenue for shareholders.

Dominic Wells, the founder and CEO, has been buying and growing businesses for nearly a decade. He is a thought-pioneer and 7-figure business owner in the industry who speaks internationally about his expertise in the area and with him at the helm, Onfolio has grown into a team of over 30 professionals dedicated to ensuring they can go public in the US in 2022.

The company, as a result of Dominic’s leadership, is highly experienced in buying profitable businesses to improve them. Its experts have a keen eye for which firms are good to acquire, as well as which are underperforming despite having the potential to grow. The company’s average acquisition return on investment exceeds 25%, and that they don’t acquire companies for greater than four times EBITDA.

Concluding Remarks

Investing in an online business involves a number of inherent problems due to its nature. Thankfully, there are services available to help remedy this problem. When deciding to use the services of a company to allow you to profit from the online space, it is paramount to select one with sufficient expertise to secure consistent results.