Love him or hate him, Golden State Warriors’ power forward Draymond Green is a key reason why the Dubs are the dynastic powerhouse that’s won three of the last four NBA championships and could possibly win their third straight Larry O'Brien.

The voluble Green is famous for his brilliant court generalship and infamous for his much too tough (some say dirty) brand of physical basketball that’s gotten him into shouting matches with players on other teams on many occasions. He was once the NBA leader in technical fouls.

Now, how does a superstar not beloved for his on court personality, like teammates Steph Curry or Klay Thompson, command the millions of dollars due someone of his stature? The answer: he’s got a plan.

He also got his own billionaire mantra: “Every day, every decision I make is, ‘How is this helping me become a billionaire?’”

Green also thinks big and isn’t afraid to set unreasonably high expectations, which are qualities possessed by some of today’s wealthiest people.

“I want to be a billionaire. I want to be a multi-billionaire,” he said in an interview a year ago.

Green’s net worth amounts to more than $21 million. This consists of his NBA annual salary of $17.5 million, plus $4 million in endorsements. That’s a long way from $1 billion.

Green’s multi-billionaire plan reads like a pretty straightforward business plan. First, he says he’ll hang out with the right people (meaning the richest).

And, like many other billionaires, Green believes in hiring people smarter than himself. He’ll build his success using “the team that I have.”

On a personal level, getting to a multi-billion dollar level will mean he has “to always be curious and always continue learning. All young athletes should take the time to educate themselves and find the right mentors.”

Green also apparently believes exposure to successful people has the potential to expand a man’s thinking and catapult his income. In essence, we become like the people we associate with, “and that’s why winners are attracted to winners.”

All billionaires invest big time and Green is taking this same route. The NBA star and his mates have a partnership with Blink Fitness to open 20 fitness centers across the U.S. His other investments include workout supplement Performance Inspired, and boxing-inspired gym Rumble. He’s also a partner in LeBron James’ media platform, Uninterrupted.

“We all talk about the investments that we have and how they’re doing and some of the start-ups we’re trying to get into,” he said. “It’s known that KD (Kevin Durant) is in Postmates, so he kind of flexes his muscles on Postmates right now. It’s some goo