Wellington Hospital in St. Johns Wood, London
Dutch Prince Johan Friso, who remains in a coma, has been transferred to Wellington Hospital in St. Johns Wood, London to be closer to his family. Reuters

Dutch Prince Johan Friso, who was caught in an avalanche two weeks ago, was flown to a special clinic in London yesterday. Friso, who was buried in snow for 20 minutes, and had his heart stop beating for 50 minutes, has been in a coma due to major brain damage.

The Prince had been treated in an Innsbruck hospital in Austria since the accident. Doctors announced last week that they fear Friso will never wake up from the coma, and if he does, it may take years. According to the Austrian Times, the Tyrol Air Ambulance, fully fitted with medical equipment, lifted the unconscious Prince to Wellington Hospital in St. Johns Wood, London at around 2:00 p.m.

Prince Friso and his family, wife Mabel Wisse Smit, and daughters Emma Luana and Joanna Zaria, reside in London, and were in Austria on vacation. Familiar people are extremely important in the rehabilitation of a coma patient, said neurologist Johann Donis, president of the Austrian Coma Association.

The Royal Family released a statement yesterday stating that the hospital was chosen on the recommendation of experts, and that it is the best facility for the Prince in his current state. The statement revealed that the move is to also help continuity and stability for Friso's two children.

The heartfelt sympathy shown to me has been a source of great strength, thanks Princess Mabel, I am deeply grateful.

Prince Friso's family now needs to have the space to come to terms with his condition, and organize their lives accordingly, the statement reads about the family's long road ahead.

Queen Beatrix, Prince Friso's mother, has accompanied Princess Mabel and the children to London. Friso's condition is stable, but his condition has not changed.