In celebration of Earth Day, NASA released a video showing its scientists explaining why they love planet Earth. The video, albeit short, shows just how exploring different areas in and outside the planet can make one appreciate the planet where all humans live in.

The video doesn’t give the names of NASA’s scientists or give any description or indicate the official position of the person speaking. In fact, the video presents them as just a group of people who ove the planet for many different reasons.

Here’s a list of things they said they love about planet Earth, and why they love it.


Almost all of the scientists said they love the fact that there’s life on Earth. Unlike other planets and places outside of the Earth where proof of life is still nowhere to be found, the scientists say that they “know that there’s life here.”

One of them goes on to explain that there’s so much life in this planet, even in the deepest parts of the sea, and the thought of that is “fantastic.”

Another one said she loves the diversity of life found on Earth. Various creatures live in different parts of the Earth. Whether it is located above or under the water, it is sure to have some lifeform thriving in it. “It’s pretty amazing,” the scientist said.

Different environments

The scientists also love the fact that Earth contains a variety of environments, some of which have just been explored within the past few decades. Many of these environments aren’t even explored yet.

One of them goes on to say that there’s still a huge area on Earth that needs to be explored. This thought, he said, “floors” him. It should floor others too -- NASA, after all, has already ventured into different areas in space, yet here’s a scientist admitting the fact that the planet he lives in hasn’t been fully explored yet.

The feel of the wind

Interestingly, NASA’s scientists love the feel of the wind, whether it hits their skin or it allows them to soar in the skies.

One of them said she loves that cool feeling before a thunderstorm hits. Another said he loves the feeling of sitting inside an airplane flying between two decks of clouds. One of them simply said “I enjoy the feel of the wind.”

What about you?

NASA’s scientists, although they work on studying what’s outside the planet, can’t help but explain what they love about the planet we all live in. How about you? What do you love about planet Earth?

The Department of Defense revealed the Air Force's critical space systems are vulnerable to security risks. Pictured, Earth as viewed by Apollo 8. NASA/Image Science & Analysis Laboratory/ Johnson Space Center