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A controversial theory claiming Jesus Christ, the one whom Christians believe in and worship as the Son of God, claims that the Resurrection, celebrated during Easter Sunday, is nothing but the result of “alien” powers. This is debunked by other experts in the field.

The theory, coming from “Ufologist” Dr. Barry Downing, claims that the supernatural events in the Bible are proofs of the existence of “extraterrestrial” technologies, the Express reported. Downing also claims that the historically recorded events in the Bible pertaining to the life of Jesus are evidence of the extraterrestrial.

He points out several, including Jesus’ birth which was announced by a “sky-born” being; the star that led the wise men to where Jesus was as being a “UFO”; and that Mary’s miraculous conception was just the result of an “alien encounter.”

Downing even goes as far as to claim that Jesus was able to walk on water, and resurrect from the grave after three days because of “advanced alien powers.”

Despite, Downing’s numerous explanations and arguments, however, modern science could not give credence to his claims of Jesus being the child of an alien. The only compelling evidence for Christ’s birth was and is still the account in the Bible.

Another expert weighs in

If Jesus Christ was an alien from another planet or civilization outside of planet earth, then it would simply mean there are other intelligent lifeforms other than mankind. An expert in the field shares his fact-based view on the matter.

Dr. Danny R. Faulkner from the University of South Carolina Lancaster, an editor for the Creation Research Society Quarterly and author of over 100 papers in various journals, refutes Downing’s claims in an article he wrote for Answers in Genesis, saying “we are alone in the universe.”

Faulkner, who holds an MA and PhD in Astronomy from Indiana University and an MS in Physics from Clemson University, cited three famous tests proving we’re the only intelligent lifeform in the universe.

First, he cited the Fermi paradox, created by physicist Enrico Fermi around 1950. Fermi said that if there were intelligent alien civilizations, they would’ve reached the earth by now as they conquered other planets.

Second, he cited the astronomer Frank Drake who, after spending months looking for radio signals from other lifeforms in two nearby solar-like stars, found nothing. Drake was followed by others who, after searching for signals in 670 nearby solar-like stars, found nothing as well.

Lastly, Faulkner cited the number of so-called “exoplanets” or earthlike planets that could sustain life. While researchers have found nearly 4,000 exoplanets, none of these can sustain life for a ton of reasons, indicating there’s only one planet that could do that: earth.

Until now, there’s no proof of extraterrestrial life. If there are no aliens outside earth, then it simply follows that Jesus Christ wasn’t and isn’t an alien.

Biblical accounts say Jesus Christ rose from the dead after three days. Pixabay/TC_Perch