Eduardo Campos
Brazilian presidential candidate Eduardo Campos was killed in a plane crash, according to local television. Reuters

Brazilian officials said Friday said that the black box recovered from the plane that crashed and killed Brazilian presidential candidate Eduardo Campos, did not record his flight. The plane crash took place on Wednesday, after which the Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff ordered a three-day mourning period.

The officials added that the audio recording found from the black box of the crashed private jet Cessna 560XL, was not related to that flight. They added that they are trying to ascertain what the audio recording found from the site is and are trying to reconstruct the accident to find the reason behind the crash. The 49-year-old Campos, who was the leader of the Brazilian Socialist Party, or BSP, was travelling from Rio de Janeiro to Guaruja, near the port city of Santos, São Paulo.

"The two hours of audio, the maximum recording capacity of the equipment, which were received and validated by certified technicians, were not of the flight of 13 August," Pedro Luis Farcic, the air force spokesperson, said in a statement Friday, adding: "It is not yet possible to determine the date of the dialogue recorded in the CVR (Cockpit Voice Recorder), given that this equipment does not record this information."

The plane, which was built in 2011, was said to be carrying seven people, but authorities claim that only six people died in the accident, who have not yet been identified.

Campos’ party, the BSP, has not yet settled on a replacement for him and is scheduled to meet on Aug. 20 to decide who will run for the presidential polls set to take place in October, according to the BBC.