Building on the design of its electric motors, Dyson has released its patent designs as it marks its foray into the electric vehicle market. Dyson is known for its vacuums, fans, and air purifiers, which also use an electric motor design.

On its website, the company’s Founder and CEO Sir James Dyson said in a statement, “We’ve been researching motors, batteries, aerodynamics, vision systems and robotics for 22 years. Now the time is right to bring all our knowledge and experience together into one big project – an electric car.”

The patent news comes as Dyson announced that it is building a “dedicated electric vehicle manufacturing division in Singapore.” The facility is expected to be completed by 2020, the company said. Dyson also said that it will perform R&D at its Hullavington, U.K., development site.

Dyson has long shown its interest in electric vehicle technology, saying that the development of one would cost the company around $2.7 billion to bring to market, CNBC reported. For its patent images, Dyson showcased a three-row crossover electric vehicle, but reportedly the company has a total of three EV models in development, which are expected to launch by 2021.

Dyson is also expected to introduce its own dealer network for the EVs, but no word on pricing or service has been made available at this time, according to the news outlet.

Dyson showed off the patents for an electric crossover-type vehicle which it intends to bring to market by 2021. Logo of British company Dyson as they present a new model of vacuum cleaner in Paris on March 6, 2018. Getty Images/ERIC PIERMONT