During a recent public appearance, Elon Musk teased that his aerospace company SpaceX is better than Area 51. He also claimed that his company has a facility that’s significantly better than the controversial classified military base.

Musk made the bold statements against Area 51 during the recent World Artificial Intelligence Conference held in Shanghai. While sharing the stage with Alibaba chairman Jack Ma, Musk discussed his thoughts on technology, space exploration, Mars and even aliens.

While on the subject of extraterrestrial life, Musk blasted Area 51 and said that SpaceX is better than the military base. The tech mogul also teased that his company has a facility that’s a bit similar to Area 51.

“People ask me if I have been to Area 51,” he said during the conference. “Okay, please. SpaceX actually has Area 59 and its eight [times] better than Area 51.”

Unfortunately, Musk didn’t go into detail regarding the nature of Area 59. However, this isn’t the first time that Musk referenced the mysterious facility.

Earlier in July, during the height of the popularity of the Storm Area 51 Facebook event, Musk tweeted about SpaceX’s Area 59. He then accompanied his post with a humorous meme featuring an alien.

As Musk stated, SpaceX really does use an area known as Area 59. According to a previous report by Florida Today, Area 59 used to be a processing facility for satellites at the Cape Canaveral Air Force Station.

In January last year, it was reported that SpaceX would take over Area 59 for the development of the company’s Crew Dragon capsule. The project was initiated as part of NASA venture into partnerships with privately-owned companies for commercial spaceflights.

Since then, there have not been any major report regarding activities on Area 59. But, since it was the facility where the Crew Dragon capsule was developed, it is possible that SpaceX still uses the area for the construction and processing of its other space vehicles. Hopefully, Musk will release a new statement clarifying why he thinks Area 59 is better than the U.S. Air Force’s Area 51.