Elon Musk recently shared his confidence that SpaceX tickets to Mars would cost cheaper in the future, giving not only billionaires but the common citizen, a chance to explore space and reach another planet.

In a tweet, the billionaire visionary said that his SpaceX’ Mars Ship, or the SpaceX Starship Interplanetary vehicle which could not only reach Mars but travel around the moon, could cost less than $500,000 and could even be as cheap as $100,000.

According to an Space.com, SpaceX's 100-passenger Starship will launch to the Earth’s orbit via a rocket called Super Heavy. The ship can fly to Mars, the moon, or just about any place within our solar system, said Musk. The giant rocket can also go back to Earth and unlike other rocket ships, will be able to do a vertical landing before flying again for more space voyages.

This rapid and repeated use of SpaceX and Super Heavy can bring commercial dynamics to space traveling, making it more affordable eventually. Another element to bring down the SpaceX ticket price is using stainless steel to build the vehicle instead of the much more expensive carbon-composite material.

SpaceX is expected to take flight for Mars via Starship and Super Heavy sometime in the 2020s. This year, the company’s small-scale ship is planning to launch and go on its first test flight in the coming months, or even weeks.

Space exploration, particularly missions to Mars, have become quite popular in recent years. This week, one company that promised to bring people to a ‘Mars colony’ declared bankruptcy. But before that, the popularity of the project was undeniable as more than 200,000 applied to be part of the maiden voyage.