• The AK74 is a versatile weapon with plenty of modding options
  • The gun compensates for its low rate of fire with superior handling
  • The AK74 is effective even up to the late game with the right parts and ammo

The 5.45.x39mm variant of the AK platform is a cheap and reliable option in “Escape from Tarkov” regardless of the game stage. With its access to a number of powerful ammunition and the wide variety of attachments players can equip on it, the AK74 can be custom-built to handle almost every situation.

Perhaps the best thing about this weapon is that it’s fairly abundant, whether it be on the bodies of Scavs and other players or simply lying around on the ground somewhere. This, combined with its decent base stats, makes the AK74 a very cost-efficient weapon.

Here’s one cheap build that players can use early on in the game to make the AK74’s base performance more than acceptable for the majority of the raids in “Escape from Tarkov.”

Early AK-74 Budget Build

  • AK Zenit DTK-1 Muzzle Break and Compensator
  • AK Zenit B-10 Handguard
  • AK AKademia Bastion Cover
  • AK GP-25 Recoil Pad
  • Any foregrip (AFG, Stubby grips, Zenit grips)

Running this setup will drop the recoil values to roughly 65 vertical and 183 horizontal with 52 Ergonomics.

The rest of the parts can be left at default or replaced with player preference based on how much Ergonomics they want on their gun. Ironically, the default AK74 polymer stock is the best for cost-efficient recoil control so long as the GP-25 recoil pad is equipped.

Most of these parts can be looted from wooden containers, secure boxes and other PMCs. Alternatively, getting Skier and Mechanic up to Level 2 will unlock a ton of aftermarket attachments that players can buy for a relatively low price.

For further upgrades, assuming that players are able to get their hands on the right parts, consider using the following:

  • AK-74 SRVV Muzzle Brake
  • AK 5.45 Design Aggressor or B-30 Handguard
  • AK Zhukov Stock
  • Strike Industries Enhanced Pistol Grip

Getting these parts will be much more difficult due to their rarity. Raiding the Reserve map may yield some decent AK parts, but if none show up, try the Flea Market upon reaching Level 20.

Equipping these parts will reduce the vertical recoil to 55 and bump the Ergonomics up to 58.

An AK74 with intermediate parts build for low recoil and excellent handling
An AK74 with intermediate parts build for low recoil and excellent handling Escape From Tarkov