Congressman Anthony Weiner speaks to the media in New York, June 6, 2011.
Congressman Anthony Weiner speaks to the media in New York, June 6, 2011. REUTERS

Representative Anthony Weiner's claims he didn't use his congressional Blackberry to send salacious photographs and text messages may not be the only thing the House Ethics Committee is investigating.

The Ethics committee will have to weigh whether the device Weiner used was either 'official' or 'campaign,' a source said. Congressional rules make room for a 'personal' account, assuming it is managed exclusively by the member, using a personally paid-for device, with no staff or funds from either the campaign or government involved, the source added.

Another issue for the Congressman is his use of his official title as his name on Twitter. @RepWeiner which potentially suggests it was intended as an official account, or at least that he was tweeting in an official capacity, a source said.

The House Ethics committee may interpret that as a violation of the rules which state incidental personal use of equipment and supplies owned or leased by, or the cost of which is reimbursed by, the House of Representatives is permitted only when such use is negligible in nature, frequency, time consumed, and expense, according to the U.S. Congress Handbook.

These revelations come as Democratic leaders met for the first time since Rep. Weiner admitted to sexting with at least six women over three years and attempting to cover it up.

We're going to find out, Rep. Carolyn McCarthy of Long Island told reporters before going to Democratic caucus meeting. Hopefully. We're hearing that he might resign in a couple of days.

House Democratic Leader Rep. Nancy Pelosi of California said she informed fellow Democrats about why she called for Rep. Weiner's resignation.

A House member asked Leader Pelosi if Weiner should be stripped of his committee assignments during the meeting.

House leadership granted Weiner's official request for a leave of absence to seek professional treatment and wait for his wife Huma Abedin, to return from a diplomatic trip to North Africa with her boss, Secretary of State Clinton.

President Barack Obama weighed into the matter telling NBC News I can tell you that, if it was me, I would resign, in an exclusive interview.

Weiner's congressional staffers anticipating his next steps have begun to look for work elsewhere, sources said.

Although a majority of Democrats called for Rep. Weiner's resignation his mentor, Sen. Charles Schumer, refused to call for his resignation.

As I said this weekend, those of us who have been friends with Anthony Weiner for a very long time feel his wrongful behavior is distressing, saddening and heartbreaking, Schumer said on Capitol Hill. It's clear he needs professional help. That's what he sought. And that's all I'm gonna say.