Hungary fences
An increasing number of refugees are breaching Hungary's razor fence. Pictured: Syrian migrants cross under a fence into Hungary at the border with Serbia, near Roszke, Aug. 27, 2015. REUTERS/Bernardett Szabo

A growing number of refugees have resorted to breaching a razor wire fence erected by Hungary on its border with Serbia, BBC reported, citing the Hungarian police Saturday.

More than 1,200 people were caught for getting through the fence in the first 20 days of February, up from 550 and 270 people who were caught in January and December, respectively.

A large number of refugees crossed through the country last year before Hungary built a 13 feet razor wire fence on its border with Serbia in September, blocking a major transit route for asylum-seekers. The majority are trying to enter countries like Germany and Sweden through Hungary and Austria after crossing from Turkey to Greece.

Police officials told BBC that refugees are now increasingly getting through Hungary’s barrier, mostly by cutting through or climbing over the fence. Most of the refugees were reportedly from Pakistan, Iran and Morocco, as the country has placed several restrictions on the number and nationalities of refugees who can enter legally.

Last week, Janos Lazar, Hungarian prime minister’s chief of staff, reportedly said that the country would now build a second fence on its border with Romania to keep out refugees.

“Migration will restart in the spring, possibly putting pressure on our borders. We have to prepare for that and for the building of a fence on the border with Romania,” Lazar said.

From Friday, Austria has started applying a daily limit on the number of refugees allowed into the country, a move panned by critics as incompatible with European law. Meanwhile, EU leaders have announced that they will hold a summit in early March in Turkey to try to seek a fresh solution to the brewing crisis.