Articles by Aditya Kondalamahanty

Obama Heads To Germany Amid Protests

The U.S. president is set to meet German Chancellor Angela Merkel Sunday to discuss global economy, terrorism, transatlantic security and a free trade pact.

Germany Opposes Greek Debt Relief

Following a meeting of EU ministers in Amsterdam, the German finance minister said the cash-strapped country won’t necessarily require an easing of its debt burden.
Sony HQ

Sony Lowers Operating Profit Outlook

The Japanese electronics manufacturer said it would take an impairment charge in its full-year profit due to a slump in its camera modules business.

Morgan Stanley Quarterly Profit Halves

Stock futures of the bank, whose quarterly result beat Wall Street expectations, were trading over 2 percent higher during pre-market trade following the announcement.


An Iranian woman walks past a mural painted on the outer walls of the former US embassy in Tehran on September 20, 2020

What US Sanctions Mean For Iran

“Our actions today are a warning that should be heard worldwide. No matter who you are, if you violate the U.N. arms embargo on Iran, you risk sanctions” -- U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo