• Evander Holyfield warns Manny Pacquiao about fighting too long
  • Holyfield thinks someone will embarass Pacquiao one way or the other
  • Bob Arum said Pacquiao has been ducking Terence Crawford even when he was still with Top Rank

Boxing Hall of Famer Evander Holyfield warned Manny Pacquiao about eventually embarrassing himself due to fighting for too long.

Last year, eight-division title holder Pacquiao once again proved that he is still a competitive fighter in a young men’s sport. After dismantling a much younger Keith Thurman, the welterweight division quickly presented their case to be his next opponent. To this day, most boxers are still trying to put an end on his magnificent career. However, nobody has ever succeeded decisively.

Among the few boxers who had a lengthy career, former heavyweight champ Holyfield must have known better. He had an illustrious career and fought from 1984 to 2011. Just like Pacquiao, Holyfield was also viewed as one of the greatest boxers to ever step inside the ring.

Just recently, the 57-year-old commented on Pacquiao’s legacy and the fact that he is still an active fighter given his age. According to Holyfield, Pacquiao is his favorite fighter and people like him for always giving fans a real fight.

“I like Pacquiao. He’s my favorite. He do what he believed is right. It’s amazing. He really fights and that’s why people really like him,” Holyfield told Fight Hub TV.

However, Holyfield thinks that one way or the other, Pacquiao will be stopped and embarrassed by a fighter from the new generation.

“Everybody gotta stop. Cause you gon’ get embarrassed. At some point in time, you will get embarrassed (if) you stayed there too long. Somebody’s gonna break you’re record anyway cause records are meant to be broken,” Holyfield said when asked if Pacquiao should continue fighting.

Manny Pacquiao Manny Pacquiao plans to return to the ring less than seven months after he claimed he was retired from boxing. Photo: Getty

Pacquiao is heaviliy linked to two welterweight stars Terence Crawford and Mikey Garcia. As much as Crawford wants to share the ring with “Pac-man,” his promoter Bob Arum thinks that the Filipino legend is already washed up.

The 88-year-old CEO even revealed that Pacquiao has been ducking Crawford and doesn’t wanna fight him even when he was still with Top Rank.

“Leave Pacquiao alone. He’s an old man. He doesn’t wanna fight Crawford. He doesn’t wanna fight him [Crawford] (even) when I was (still) promoting him. Pacquiao is not competitive with Crawford. He’s a great fighter still but he is not competitive,” Arum said.

Arum has been very vocal about wanting Pacquiao to retire from boxing. Since they parted ways, Arum has always expressed his concern about Pacquiao’s health saying that his former fighter might incur brain damage just like Zab Judah.