Evelyn Lozada, the wife of Miami Dolphins star Chad Johnson, formerly Ochocinco, was reportedly the victim of a domestic violence incident on Saturday night. Johnson was arrested after he reportedly head-butted Lozada during a heated argument, reportedly leaving her with lacerations on her forehead.

TMZ has just obtained the police report from the incident, which indicates that Lozada had to flee to a neighbor's house to escape Johnson. The official report also says that Johnson allegedly butt-headed Lozada during an argument about a receipt for condoms.

He then began screaming at Lozada, saying "I don't give a f-k! I don't give a f-k about my career!"

The report said that Lozada "fled on foot to a neighbor's house to get away from Johnson."

Johnson then drove around the neighborhood to look for her, after she had called the police from a neighbor's home.

The two both agreed that the argument began while inside Johnson's "black smart" car in the driveway in front of their home, according to NFL.com, but the accounts differed after that point. Lozada said the Miami Dolphins receiver became upset, grabbed her, and then head-butted her. Contrastingly, Johnson's report said that Lozada head-butted him, which caused the three-inch laceration on her forehead.

Lozada has told police that she wishes to press charges, and has signed an affidavit saying so.

Johnson was hit with Simple Battery Domestic charges according to the Miami Herald, and the Twitter community has shown their support for the "Basketball Wives" star. Although Lozada's persona on the sports-themed reality show is rough and tough, she has received messages of empathy from those in the social media scene.

"Sending a prayer out to @EvelynLozada @ochocinco nobody knows ur TRUE story," star of VH1's "Love & Hip Hop ATL" Momma Dee posted to Twitter.

"I feel sorry for you...no one deserves that. I would also hope its not for tv ratings your too grown for that," a fan tweeted.

"If Evelyn Lozada was your daughter, sister, mother, aunt...would this shyt be funny?!? That was a form of domestic violence," another tweet read.

However, others questioned whether or not the incident was just a ploy for the famous couple to stay in the spotlight and promote their careers.

"I better not see evelyn lozada on some domestic abuse campaign trying to boost her career after her a-s was acting hard bullying hoes on tv," one user tweeted on Monday.

"Wow she in it for the money," another user posted on Twitter.

Others expressed anger at Lozada for pressing charges against Johnson.

'Is Evelyn Lozada bad luck? Let's see she married A. Walker and then he went broke and now C. Johnson gets fired. Hmm I wonder who's next??" a user posted to Twitter.

"And now he's unemployed. Good job," another tweeted.

Johnson and Lozada only tied the knot last month on July 4, and the reality television star has had a history of violent behavior. A petition on change.org campaigns to prevent the newly married couple's spin-off series "EV And OCHO" on Vh1, which is still scheduled to air. The petition currently has more than 32,000 out of the required 35,000 signatures.

"This is not a hate petition against Evelyn Lozada," the petition says in its description. "We simply will not support violence."