Ever make a major faux pas or a minor typo when posting a Facebook comment and wish you could change the error? Well, now you can, thanks to Facebook's newest feature, comment editing.

Forget deleting the comment or post and creating a new, corrected version. Now you and the other 900,000 Facebook users across the globe can simply edit instead of deleting.

For instance, if I join a thread and write a long comment but make a typo, I'll now be able to go edit it instead of having to delete it and repost, Facebook spokeswoman Johanna Peace said, reported Yahoo. It's rolling out now and should be live to everyone in the next couple days.

Facebook rolled out the editing feature on Thursday for most users, and will extend the rest over the new few days.

Facebook told Mashable that the site will show the editing history for a comment so that subsequent commenters or likers have the full context of the conversation. In other words, users can still see the conversation history despite the new editing feature.

So where exactly is this new editing feature and how does one use it?

The edit option is located on the right side of any comment and looks like a small pencil icon. By clicking on the little pencil, a drop-down menu appears so you can choose to edit the comment or even delete it entirely. If you choose edit, the comment which is already live becomes a text field where you can alter the comment.

After editing, a small tag which says Edited pops up below the comment, to alert users on Facebook that the comment was edited. The only bad part is that when you hover over the tag Edited, it says Show edit history where all changes to the comment are displayed in sequential order.

Maybe next Facebook will allow its users to edit their statuses...