tesla in space
SpaceX launched a Tesla Roadster carrying Starman to space aboard the Falcon Heavy rocket Feb. 6, 2018. SpaceX Screenshot

Elon Musk's SpaceX successfully launched its Falcon Heavy rocket for the first time Tuesday afternoon after several months of delays. The test flight was the first of the massive rocket so the company kept the payload private and got to have a little fun with that it included.

Musk revealed months ago that the payload would include his cherry red Tesla Roadster, but it was revealed just before Tuesday's launch that there were a few other items on board as well. During the live streaming coverage of the launch, SpaceX engineer Lauren Lyons detailed what was in the payload of the historic rocket.

Cherry Red Tesla Roadster

Elon Musk shared that his Tesla Roadster would be one of the items included in the payload months ago in a tweet.


Starman is not a real human, but it is one of the suits humans who travel to space with SpaceX will wear during their journeys. Starman is sitting in the driver's seat of Musk's Tesla Roadster, you can watch him live here.

Mini Roadster and Starman

There was no view of the mini Tesla Roadster but Lyons confirmed during the live stream that it was part of the payload.


arc spacex
SpaceX sent this Arc loaded with Isaac Asminov's Foundation series loaded on it in the payload of the Falcon Heavy. SpaceX Screenshot

The Arc is a high-tech data storage unit that is designed to survive harsh conditions, like those in space. The Arc holds Isaac Asimov's The Foundation series.

Plaque with SpaceX employee names

name plaque spacex
SpaceX affixed a plaque with more than 6,000 employees names on it to the second stage base holding the Tesla Roadster. SpaceX Screenshot

There was also "A little something special for our hard-working SpaceX team," Lyons said. Mounted on the payload attach fitting that holds the roadster onto the second stage, there's a plaque with more than 6,000 employee names, she said.