The rent may be too darn high in the real world, but that's not the case in "Fallout 4." Somehow, Bethesda has made "Fallout" even more addictive with the new settlement building feature. Players can create their own settlements where they can recruit settlers, develop trade routes and create wonderful shrines to their hard work. If your settlement is looking less like a palace and more like a ramshackle landfill, the pro gamers at Team Epiphany are here to help.

Players can shape the Commonwealth in their vision thanks to the new workshop feature. Pretty much anything that's not nailed down can be used to build settlements in over 20 different locations across the map.  Players are given Sanctuary Hills as their starter settlement, but there's a whole post-apocalyptic world out there ready to be settled. There's the Red Rocket Truck Stop or the Starlight Drive-In -- part of the "Taking Point: Starlight Drive-In" quest given to the player by Preston Garvey. Satisfying the needs of settlers will not be enough as raiders will look to ruin all the hard work. Defensive structures such as turrets are also a necessary.

Making a "Fallout 4" settlement more of a Shangri-La instead of a ramshackle thrift store requires plenty of hoarding, according to Team Epiphany. If there's loot out there in the wasteland, pick it up. If you're running low on supplies, scrapping is another option. "While in build mode go around and scrap anything you want. Trees, fences, cars and almost all other objects can be cleared while in build mode to give you a large amount of common materials like wood and steel," Jake McCormick of Team Epiphany said.

"Fallout 4" settlement building mirrors a real-life construction. Players act as the foreman, contractor, electrician and plumber. Feasibility and efficiency are crucial to success. Before jumping into a 50-room complex, figure out if there's enough space to accommodate those grand plans.

Adding to an existing area may seem like a great starting point, but there are a lot of logistical nightmares that will hinder growth. Instead of building around structures, start fresh. Team Epiphany recommends the Sanctuary or the Castle. "Sanctuary has a huge amount of scrap for you to gather along with nice clean areas to build. The castle has plenty of pre-built objects including a full electrical system to help with powering the entire compound," Team Epiphany said.

Scavenging and scrapping is important, but completing several quests in the game will go a long way to building the best settlement possible. The "Fallout 4" Minutemen quests will unlock new build areas to explore.

Making a perfectly capable settlement is fine, but most players want to get fancy. Huge buildings and unique lighting will truly make a settlement really stand out. Going big is all about prefab building structures in "Fallout 4." "If your looking to add more stories, be aware of the limit and try to use your ceiling as the floor of the second story. In "Fallout 4, you'll find it extremely important to stay efficient. You'll also want to plan a proper staircase and a method for powering the top floors," Team Epiphany said.

Making a great settlement requires some special merchants. Luckily, the vigilant gamers of the "Fallout 4" subReddit have plenty of tips to acquiring Level 4 Workshop Merchants. These stores will sell rare and unique items, but the player must meet minimum population requirements before the merchant can be recruited. Settlement connected by supply lines count toward the population requirement.

Eurogamer also created a "Fallout 4" advanced based building video. Expert builder Ian Higton reveals a few tricks that let gamers clip structures into the ground to create massive foundations that can easily be moved by the player.

Share your "Fallout 4" base building tips below.