A Singapore-bound Scoot Airline flight from Bengaluru, in the southern Indian state of Karnataka, was delayed for at least 14 hours Tuesday after a passenger raised a false security alarm.

The unidentified passenger allegedly issued a verbal threat to the flight’s cabin crew stating that he had a gun in his bag. The passenger was taken to the airport police station for interrogation. He was, however, let off after officials found out he was joking and that he only had a guitar in his bag.

The airline confirmed the incident and said, “A hoax security threat was made at 01.48 hrs on April 23, 2019, relating to Scoot Airlines Flight TR573 (BLR – SIN). Standard security protocols and procedures were followed and no suspicious items found. A passenger was de-boarded from the flight. The remaining passengers and baggage were also de-boarded and rescreened for security and immigration clearance.”

The flight crew exceeded the flight time limitations because of the security checks, due to which the airline arranged for a fresh crew and the flight departed at 4.20 p.m. local time (6.30 a.m. EDT).

“Due to a verbal security threat, a passenger had to be removed from the flight by airport security. All passengers were required to undergo security screening and immigration clearance again, and no suspicious items were found. As a result of the additional security procedures, flight time limits of the operating crew were exceeded,” an airline spokesperson said, Deccan Herald reported.

Several passengers said the flight was abruptly canceled while it was preparing for take-off and that they were left with very little information for several hours.

Speaking to local daily Bangalore Mirror, a passenger said, “I was heading to Bali via Singapore. When we were about to take-off, we heard an unusual announcement from the flight captain saying that the flight was returning to the parking bay as it needed refueling. We were confused about this announcement. However, we were made to sit in the flight for more than two hours. By 3.30 a.m. or so, we were told that our baggage will be re-scanned and our hand baggage will be re-checked. The buses had arrived by then. We were asked to get into the bus and we reached the terminal. We were assured by the airline staff that the flight would take off in some time, but we were instead issued a second boarding pass. And our wait continued till Tuesday afternoon.”

Another passenger said the panic spread because of a guitar that one of the passengers was carrying.

“I think someone mistook that the guitar case had a gun or a bomb inside it. As news reached the air hostess, she conveyed it to the captain and subsequently to the air traffic control,” the passenger said.

A police official confirmed it and said there was a miscommunication between the passenger and another flyer "as he was carrying a guitar with him." It was, however, not known if the passenger was allowed to board the flight later on.