American Airlines plane at terminal
An American Airlines plane is seen at Charlotte International Airport in Charlotte, North Carolina, on Feb. 17, 2019. Getty Images/DANIEL SLIM

American Airlines experienced a mishap during a flight from New York bound for Los Angeles on Wednesday night, resulting in the aircraft having to return to the airport.

The pilot aboard the Airbus 321 reported the airplane may have struck an "object" upon departure. After the aircraft returned to JFK Airport, workers discovered damage to the left wing, caused by striking a runway sign, reports ABC.

Just over 100 passengers and eight crew members were on Flight 300 out of John F. Kennedy Airport. No one was injured due to the incident. However, passengers were notified that they would be boarding a new aircraft to continue their journey after initially being in the air for about 15 minutes.

Scott Laser, a passenger, told ABC, "The plane veered left when it hit something and then it took a sharp right turn at takeoff where I was on the right side of the plane and I was looking straight down at the ground."

He continued, "I cried the whole way back and many others did also."

The FAA, who is investigating the matter, said in a statement, "The pilot reported that the Airbus 321 may have collided with an object during departure...workers discovered damage to the left wing, possibly caused by striking a runway sign and airport light departure."