An 18-year-old recent high school graduate who promised to run onto the field at Wednesday night’s MLB All-Star Game if he received 1,000 retweets on Twitter ended up doing just that — and got body slammed by a security guard in the process.

Dylan McCue-Masone, a native of Shirley, N.Y., was live tweeting the 2013 MLB All-Star Game when he issued a dare to Twitter followers. If one of his tweets received 1,000 retweets, he would run out onto the field and disrupt Wednesday night’s festivities.

“1,000 RTs and ill run across the field.. #ASG #CitiField,” McCue-Masone, who goes by the Twitter handle “@MasoneDylan,” wrote. Soon after, McCue-Masone, sporting a Robinson Cano T-shirt, ran out onto Citi Field, sprinting toward second base. Eventually, he tried to give himself up to security, but one guard responded by tackling the teenager in front of the stadium’s capacity crowd.

Naturally, many All-Star Game attendees were wondering what McCue-Masone was thinking before making his ill-fated sprint across the field. Luckily, the Yankees fan’s Twitter feed provides a glimpse into the thought process that produced one of Tuesday night’s most-memorable moments.

McCue-Masone started the night off by posting a “selfie” of his Cano shirt, following a series of innocuous comments about the All-Star Game. But, as the night progressed, the teenager decided that he’d insert himself directly into the action.

As the retweets came pouring in, McCue-Masone appeared to be reconsidering his Twitter dare. “I hope I don’t get to 1k lmao [sic],” he tweeted shortly before the incident. Later, he added, “If I actually get on the field pray for me cause my moms gonna kill me [sic].”

As expected, McCue-Masone’s mother wasn’t too pleased about her son’s plan. In a text message uploaded to his Twitter feed, McCue-Masone’s mother told her son that he “better not” run onto the field. “I’m not kidding I don’t want you getting hurt,” she wrote. “Dylan it’s not funny that a serious and u could get arrested if not worse please don’t b ridiculous [sic].”

Interested in reading the entirety of a full rundown of Dylan McCue-Masone’s All-Star Game tweets? Deadspin has compiled a full list from his Twitter feed here. In addition, we’ve included the tackle McCue-Masone endured at the hands of Citi Field security below.