The scene at W. florissant Street in Ferguson, Missouri on Wednesay. Despite a few arrests the mood was relatively calm. Kathleen Caulderwood
Update as of 03:44 EDT:

Police in Ferguson, Missouri made six arrests overnight Wednesday. No tear gas was used and no shots were fired, according to Captain Ron Johnson of the Missouri Highway Patrol.

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The mood in Ferguson seems to have changed after a tear-gas free night. On Wednesday night the crowd at W. Florissant St. was markedly smaller than it had been and police were more subdued. Officers were talking and laughing with many protesters as they made their regular circuit around the street.
"Its definitely positive -- I feel the energy," said Andre Riley, who came from Milwaukee, Wisconsin to participate. "I had seen a lot of crazy stuff on TV, but it's just laid back, no drama. People are expressing themselves."
"I hope it doesn't get to violent tonight, but if it does, I'm prepared to do whatever I have to do; pray, duck, whatever."
Though the police presence was limited, they were being stringent about keeping people walking, constantly urging people not to sit on the curb or stand in one place.
Around 10-20 officers started to move in from their posts around a man who had been marching with protesters, yelling much louder than others.
As officers brought him to the ground he said "keep your cameras on, it's the only defense we've got."
At that point Missouri Highway Patrol Capt. Ron Johnson walked into the street with the other officers, but had spent most of the night out of the spotlight, telling reporters that his presence draws media and can create a crowd.
"Today, I saw a mother and her child walking down the street and I told the reporter 'thats where we're headed'."
By midnight, West Florissant was calm. The intersection of Maclaren and Riverside, a ten-minute drive away in St. Louis City was empty.