Radiofrequency pain relief devices is being extensively used by people throughout the world suffering from chronic pain. But all of these devices come with inherent risks.

Soliotherapy has announced the launch of their signature pain-relief device: Solio Alfa Plus. This is the first-ever radiofrequency pain relief device that has secured FDA clearance.

Solio Alfa Plus uses a combination of Bi-polar Radiofrequency, Low-level Laser Therapy (LLLT) and Infrared (IR) technologies and is designed especially for home use. Bipolar RF energy is a deep penetration technology that can reach muscles and joints, ups blood circulation and treat pain. The infrared heat energy is used to treat pain and stiffness. And the LLLT light energy is used to treat muscle spasms.

Yoga and acupuncture for chronic pain relief
A study found that yoga, acupuncture, massage therapy and other complementary healthcare approaches can help in managing serious and chronic pain. REUTERS/KIM HONG-JI

Earlier this year, Solio Alfa Plus had received FDA clearance and has already been sold to more than 3000 individuals suffering from chronic pain. Soliotherapy’s Founder Shahak “Chuck” Cohen said, “So, in addition to clinical success, and excellent patient testimonies regarding the relief from different types of pain — especially chronic pain, sports-related injuries, pain from traumatic injury, as well as menstrual pain — we are quite confident in Alfa Plus's effectiveness."

The device which was manufactured in Israel has completed three years of research and development under Dr. Eyal Behrbalk (Head of Orthopedic Department, The Hillel Yaffe Medical Center). Their study evaluated Solio Alfa Plus alongside a trigger-point treatment on more than a hundred individuals experiencing chronic lower back pain. It produced excellent results, with more than 90% of them reporting significant pain relief after using the device.

With numerous RF technology used in advanced medical clinics, Sofio Alfa Plus focuses on effective pain relief technologies that can be safely used by everyone at home. Moreover, Soliotherapy’s expert team has used clinical research and consulted pain management professionals to confirm the effectiveness of the product.

This non-invasive treatment uses a simple-to-use advanced design that can be placed directly on the site of the pain which lets four radiofrequency diodes to penetrate the skin with deep heating. Doing so, increases blood circulation and accelerates tissue regeneration and reduces inflammation, stiffness and muscle aches. Moreover, the device stimulates the body’s natural healing mechanisms, coaxing the body to heal on its own.