Battle Royale game modes have been surprisingly popular as of late. Led by the likes of “Fortnite,” and “PlayerUnknown’s Battle Grounds,” the game mode has been adopted by other games such as “Fallout 76” with its Nuclear Winter, “Apex Legends,” and so on and so forth. However, a recent game that got a battle royale game mode is one that’s unexpected.

"Flappy Bird” first came out in 2013 for the Android and iOS and was developed by Vietnamese video game artist and programmer Dong Nguyen. The game, which was considered to be highly addictive, was a side-scrolling mobile game that features 2D retro-style graphics. The objective was to direct a flying bird, named ‘Faby,’ through obstacles involving Mario-like pipes. Players would have to tap on the bird to adjust its flight and make sure it didn’t touch the pipes.

This highly-addictive game from 2013 is the latest to join in on the Battle Royale craze. While it is not a battle royale title in the most traditional manner, it does involve 100 players competing to see who will be the last bird flapping through obstacles. The battle royale twist on “Flappy Bird” is called “Flappy Royale.” It is not an official “Flappy Bird” spin-off, however, it is a faithful recreation of what a battle royale game mode set in the “Flappy Bird” universe would look like. The game was created by Orta Therox, Em Lazer-Walker, and Zach Gage.

The new “Flappy Royale” lets you customize your bird upon starting, and you can also give yourself a nickname. You’ll then be dropped from a bus with 99 other birds all flapping towards the same goal. It works very similarly to “Flappy Bird” in that you have to tap on your bird to avoid the Mario-like pipes. Eventually, there will only be 1 bird left and it will be crowned the victor. The win screen displayed what streak you’re on, and will show you how many pipes you cleared, as well.

In just 2 days, there have been approximately 2 million “Flappy Royale” games played. You can play it now as well here, either on your web browser or your mobile device.

Flappy Royale
Screenshot of “Flappy Royale.” The highly-addictive game from 2013 just got a Battle Royale Game mode. “Flappy Bird’s” battle royale mode is called “Flappy Royale” and has 100 birds flapping to win that top spot.