Russian emergency rescuer walks through wreckage of the flydubai passenger jet which crashed, killing all 62 people on board as it tried to land in bad weather in the city of Rostov-on-Don, March 19, 2016. Getty Images/AFP

Suspicions of pilot error were aroused after Russian state television aired the final words of the pilots of the Flydubai passenger jet that crashed in Rostov-on-Don last week, killing 62 people. The report suggests that the pilot may have lost control of the plane immediately after switching off the autopilot.

“Don’t worry,” the pilot was heard saying repeatedly before saying seconds later, “Don't do that!” The last words are repeated calls to “Pull up!” a transcript of the words exchanged between the pilot and his crew obtained by Russia’s Rossiya-1 channel said.

For the last six seconds of the plane's dive, all that can be heard are “inhuman screams,” according to Agence France-Presse.

The plane, arriving from Dubai, exploded into a fireball near the Russian airport while making a second attempt to land in heavy wind and rain. Formal investigations by Russian and UAE investigators continue.

Investigators are looking to ascertain if it was poor weather, pilot error or a technical fault behind the crash, which killed all 55 passengers and seven crew members on board.