The engine power of Ford’s (F2020 Mustang Shelby GT500 ranks high on car enthusiasts’ list of must-have features. At 760 hp, the 5.3-liter V8 powertrain makes the GT500 the most powerful street-legal car from the automaker. Here’s everything we know about the GT500’s engine and more.

With a torque rating of 625 pounds per feet, the V8 engine in the GT500 has some key differences when compared to the Mustang GT350’s power package. According to Autoweek, the V8 eliminated the flat-plane crank, instead opting for a cross-plane crank for added durability.

Bigger micro-alloy steel connecting rods were also reportedly integrated into the powertrain along with forged pistons, micro-alloy steel crankshaft, and enhanced oil cooling jets.

The engine does retain the six-bolt block, and the bottom-end structure, as well as the 94 mm by 93 mm bore and stroke. It also keeps the aluminum heads, two cams, and four valves per cylinder but has stronger spray bore iron liners, according to the news outlet.

The GT500’s engine’s head bolts were also designed to be longer and are equipped with deeper threads into the block as well as adding a thicker head gasket, which is engineered to handle higher loads as cylinder pressure is up over 1,800 psi, Autoweek said.

The engine also reportedly incorporates CNC-bored ports, high-tension springs in the valvetrain, and improved valve seat construction and aluminum cam covers to better manage heat and load, according to the news outlet.

In light of the GT500’s missing turbochargers, the engine is mated with a reverse-flow, screw-type supercharger and integrated intercooler for 12 psi of air pressure with a reported compression ratio of is 9.4:1.

The engine package also has an aluminum viscous damper mounted to the crank and an aluminum oil pan has been integrated into the baffles. Additionally, a larger cooling system with six heat exchangers - three radiators, an engine oil cooler, transmission cooler, and air conditioner condenser. A seventh cooler is mounted on the rear axle for the limited-slip differential, the news outlet reported.

Shares of Ford stock were up 0.48 percent as of 1:16 p.m. ET on Tuesday.