• Frank Gore wants a chance to fight Jake Paul after his boxing debut next month
  • The ex-NFL star has been boxing since 2005
  • Gore's foe on December 18 vows to do better than Nate Robinson in the boxing ring

Former NFL running back Frank Gore is eager to show the world how good of a boxer he is.

The 38-year-old is set to face ex-NBA star Deron Williams on December 18 although he shared an interesting motivation for him to come out with a victory.

Aware of a chance to secure a big ticket to face Jake Paul, the five-time Pro Bowl player stressted that he would be open to facing the 24-year-old internet sensation next, TMZ Sports reported.

"I'm [down to do] it," Gore said. "I wanna win this December 18 and if it's time to go that me and Jake Paul can get in there, I'm [down to do] it."

Gore has been into boxing since 2005, something that could give him an edge over Williams.

Meanwhile, Williams is best known for his basketball career. However, the former Utah Jazz guard is into mixed martial arts (MMA).

The three-time NBA All-Star has his own MMA gym in Dallas and has since focused on combat sports since retiring from pro basketball.

His last stint was with the Cleveland Cavaliers in 2017.

On paper, Williams may have his work cut out for him. He is the latest NBA player to try his luck in boxing, the first being another former NBA player in Nate Robinson.

Williams spoke to Eric Woodyard of ESPN and expects to do better than the three-time NBA Slam Dunk champion.

 Xander Zayas (L) and Frank Gore (R) Xander Zayas (L) and Frank Gore (R) Photo: Getty Images | Xander Zayas (L) and Frank Gore (R)

"I watched it. I'm not Nate Robinson. I think I have a little more experience than Nate. I've been training stand-up and boxing for 8-10 years," Williams said.

Robinson faced Paul and was knocked out cold in the second round of their September 2020 clash.

Gore and Williams are set to collide in one of the undercard fights of the Jake Paul vs. Tommy Fury event this coming December.

It will be a four-round professional bout with a  215-pound weight limit.