Once a Russian spy, later a model posing for an erotic shoot in Agent Provocateur lingerie for Maxim, now in search of promising career in the country's politics --  the flamed-haired beauty, Anna Chapman, has now joined a youth political movement in Russia. The 28-year-old glam-girl is one of 11 alleged Russian secret agents deported by US in July this year.

Chapman was one of several newly elected leaders of the ruling United Russia party's Young Guard (Molodaya Gvardiya). On Wednesday, she attended the party's congress in Moscow and in a call to the Russian youth; she urged them to fight rising radical nationalism.

If we want to change our future, we have to begin to change ourselves, she said, amid loud cheers from party cadres and a wave of flashing cameras.

The Young Guard's website stated that the glam girl was an example of 'unconditional patriotism'. Taking a leaf from Prime Minister Valdimir Putin's book, Anna told the youth that rival politicians in the country are amassing huge fortunes and struggling for power.   

The pro-government Young Guard, which has often been criticized for their bizarre events, is banking on the famed former spy to attract international attention to its activities. Anna is likely to shoot to the top of the party cadres in the coming months. Reports in local media also suggest that she could be running for the Russian Duma in the elections scheduled for 2011.

However, several senior politicians across Russia slammed the 28-year-old, saying she had little understanding of the country's state of affairs. But, despite heavy criticism analysts maintain that the glam quotient would succeed in attracting crowds to the party's future activities.

Dubbed as Putin's new pin-up girl, Anna waved to the euphoric crowd at the end of her speech and said, Be Happy! Looks like Russia now has a new face in politics.